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How to perform the stain master carpet cleaning process?

How to perform the stainmaster carpet cleaning process

Stainmaster carpet cleaning should be performed with appropriate care in order to ensure that the cleaning process does not affect the material and the color of the carpet. Considering the fact that these carpets are commonly used in many households, it is important for users to understand a suitable process that they can perform on a regular basis for keeping the carpet clean. Stainmaster carpets can also be slightly expensive as compared to many other brands available in the market due to which the cleaning process provides various benefits to users such as enhancing the overall life. In this article, we will explain a comprehensive stain master carpet cleaning process that users can perform at home using the home available supplies without requiring any professional help. 

Supplies required to perform the stain master carpet cleaning process

There are some home available cleaning supplies that can come handy for the purpose of performing the cleaning process. In most cases, the process of performing the cleaning of stainmaster carpets is comparatively easy as compared to other types of carpets available in the market while they do not require expensive cleaning solutions for removing stains. Some of the essential supplies required for performing the process explained in this article are listed below:

Vinegar solution: It is the most appropriate cleaning solution that can be used for the purpose of stain master carpet cleaning because of its ability to provide suitable results without increasing the overall budget. The vinegar solution is also commonly available in the households due to which it will not affect the budget of the users. However, in the case, users can afford expensive cleaning solutions then they can also use a dedicated cleaning solution available in the market for stain master carpet cleaning. 
Spray bottle: A spray bottle will be required for the purpose of applying the cleaning solution to all the affected areas. 
Vacuum cleaner: It can remove the dust and dirt particles present on the surface of the carpet.
Cleaning cloth: A cleaning cloth will be required in case there are stains present on the surface of the carpet, which will require rubbing for the purpose of removing them. 
Process for cleaning stainmaster carpets

We recommend that before performing the stain master carpet cleaning process, users test the cleaning solution at a hidden portion of the carpet for ensuring that it does not have negative effects on reacting with the material. Steps involved in the process are given below:

In the first step, vacuum cleans the carpet carefully for removing all the dust and dirt particles that are present on its surface.
Now, prepare a suitable cleaning solution and put it in a spray bottle.
Spray the cleaning solution on the areas where stains are present and rub the area again with the help of a cleaning cloth. 
Continue the cleaning process until the stains start to come off. 
Once all the stains have been removed then wash it again with the help of clean water and rub the area again with the help of a clean cloth. 
In the end, let the area dry for a few hours.

Carpet Cleaning Guide for Summer Stains

During summer, carpet cleaning becomes one of the most annoying activities. The foot traffic becomes doubled and the risk of having carpet stains increases significantly. You should also expect problems like wear and tear, permanent discoloration, and permeant damages. To protect your carpet, we offer the best possible ways to remove and prevent any kind of stains, especially the tough ones.

Summer season is the busiest; no matter what your business is. Keeping a clean carpet becomes a challenge. We know that flooring is the first thing that the customers notice. It leaves either a good impression or a bad one.
We offer our customers some tips in order to maintain their carpets clean all the time, especially during the summer. Get more info about how to properly remove muddy carpet footprints here.
Here are the most common stains occurring during summer.
1. Beverages:
Nothing is like a cup of ice tea to cool off a hot summer day. However, if your beverage spills on your carpet, it will create a terrible stain.
Here is what to do.
•Use a towel to blot the stain immediately.
•Use a spotting agent designed for the beverage.
• If the stain is tough, try to apply heat.

2. Foods:

During summer, cleaning the carpet from foods is a routine, especially ice cream.
Here is what to do.
• Blot the stain using an agent designed for it.
• If the stain is resistant, use a stronger agent. It is better to consult your carpet cleaning service before applying stronger chemicals to avoid discolorations.

3. Grass:
One of the components of grass is chlorophyll. It is the pigment giving grass and trees their green color.
Grass stains are very hard to remove because carpets soak the pigment inside.
Here is what to do.
• You need to address the stain as soon as possible.
• During summer, it is better to keep tough-to-remove pigments and dyes spotting agent.
• Blot the stain quickly using the spotting agent.
4. Mud:
Your customers and/or your visitors will probably carry mud when they enter your place.
Here is what to do.
• If you are going to deal with dry mud, vacuum the area and clean any kind of mud left.
• If the mud is wet, blot the area with towels to absorb the moisture and dirt. Apply a spotting agent and keep blotting until you remove all the mud.
•Place a mat to catch most of the dirt and mud before people enter.

5. Paint:
Some people and facilities like to get their places re-painted during summer.
Here is what to do.
• Place a plastic cover over the carpet to avoid any stains.
• If the stain happened, use non-flammable, water-based agents to clean the carpet.
• Use a spotter to encapsulate any residues.

How to properly remove muddy carpet footprints?

In this article, we will explain a process with the help of which the readers can clean muddy carpet footprints in an effective manner. In buildings where children are present, muddy carpet footprints are a major problem as they are not aware of the safety standards of dealing with carpets. Muddy carpet footprints can affect the look of the carpet and they can become sticky in case the process of cleaning them is not performed immediately. Therefore, we recommend that the users should perform the process immediately by following the procedure explained in this article.

Supplies required to perform the process of carpet cleaning

In order to perform the process in an effective manner, the users will require a few supplies. It is more effective to remove the muddy footprints with the help of steam or hot water carpet cleaning process. However, in such cases, the users will have to obtain the services of professionals. Nonetheless, we will explain a process that users can perform with home available supplies. Some of the supplies required are as follows:

  1. Vacuum cleaner: This will help in removing soil particles from the carpet. In case, the vacuum cleaner is not available then a broom or duster can also carry out a decent job.
  2. Cleaning agent and spray bottle: An appropriate cleaning agent depending upon the material of the carpet will be required for performing the process in an effective manner. We recommend performing the process with the help of vinegar, which is an effective natural cleaner and does not negatively react with carpet material in most cases. Similarly, we recommend storing the cleaning services agent in a spray bottle so that it is more convenient to apply it on the affected areas.

Steps involved in the process

The process of removing muddy carpet footprints should be performed with extra care as some types of soils can also leave permanent stains on the carpet. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. In the first step, vacuum cleans the area with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Perform the vacuuming process slowly so that it is able to suck mud particles in an effective manner.
  2. Now apply lukewarm water on the affected area so that it is more convenient to apply the cleaning agent.
  3. Rub the area gently with the help of a cleaning cloth and continue the process until the muddy stains start to come off.
  4. Let the carpet dry properly afterward.

How to Perform the Toilet Cleaning Process?

How to Perform the Toilet Cleaning Process

Toilet Cleaning is one of the essential chores that need to be performed on a routine basis. The toilet is one of those areas in the home or office that require special cleaning since microbial can grow and spread here quickly due to the prevalent favorable conditions. The microbial nourishing in toilets can spread to other parts of the building as well after coming in touch with the residents causing an unwholesome living environment in the building. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in toilets need to be properly managed in order to ensure healthy and hygienic living conditions in the building. A proper toilet cleaning process should be performed regularly in addition to basic daily general cleaning. In this article, we will describe a step-to-step procedure for performing the toilet cleaning process.

Supplies required for the toilet cleaning process

Some of the essential tools that will be required to perform the cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Toilet Brush: It will be used to remove the sticky and hard stains as well as dislodge the microbial that are firmly attached to the toilet floor. Toilet brush will restore the originality of the floor and give it a clean look.
  2. Sanitary Wipes: These are disposal wipes that can help in cleaning the toilet floor and removing the hard stains.
  3. Cleaning Rags: These are used to wipe and dry the area after applying water and cleaning agent. A number of different kinds of rags area available such as a towel or paper rags.
  4. Cleaning Agent: One of the most important supplies is a cleaning agent that will perform the action of removing stains and killing off the microbial. A high-functioning and good quality- cleaning services agent should be used in an appropriate amount.
  5. Sanitary Kit: The worker should use a sanitary kit for personal protection during the cleaning process. Gloves, cleaning apron and gloves should be worn at all times during the toilet cleaning process.

Procedure for Performing the Cleaning Process

The systematic way of performing toilet cleaner is described as below:

  1. In the first step, the worker needs to gather the supplies needed to perform the process.
  2. Now, apply the hot water to the parts of the toilet that you need to clean. Hot water can come handy in removing hard stains from the toilet floor.
  3. With the help of a toilet brush, scrub or a sponge, wipe the areas of the toilet that need cleaning. Keep rubbing these areas until the stains are cleaned.
  4. In case the stains do not come off on rubbing then apply the cleaning agent. The cleaning agent will not only help remove the stains but also kill off the microbial. Properly apply the cleaner to all parts and scrub with the help of the toilet brush.
  5. Once the scrubbing has been completed, flush the toilet or apply water to the scrubbed areas. This will clean the dirt and filth removed during the scrubbing as well as the cleaning agent residue.
  6. Clean the external areas and lid of the toilet with the help of water and the cleaning agent. The washroom floor should also be cleaned for complete cleaning.
  7. Dry all parts after the cleaning process has been completed.
  8. Ensure that the washroom is properly ventilated in order to control temperature and humidity.

How to Clean Granite?

How to Clean Granite

There are a number of methods commonly used to clean granite-manufactured items, however, not all of them are as effective and some of them can even prove to be counterproductive. Granite material is used in the manufacturing of countertops, flooring, etc. in both commercial and residential buildings. They can become soiled and stained over the course of time due to which the process to clean granite needs to be performed on a regular basis. In this article, we will explain a process with the help of which people can clean granite items at home without damaging the quality of the material.

Necessary precautions before performing the granite cleaning process

There are some precautions that need to be considered before performing the granite cleaning process as the material can get damaged in case the precautions are not properly upheld. Two significant precautions are as below:

  1. It is important to make sure that the granite surface is properly sealed before performing the process. In case, granite is not properly sealed then the water can seep through the surface of the material and damage it from inside. A number of tests are available which can test whether granite is properly sealed. These tests should be performed before performing the process to clean granite.
  2. We recommend using cleaners, which do not negatively react to granite material. People tend to use some natural cleaners such as vinegar, which can damage granite material and reduce its quality. The use of harsh commercial cleaners can also damage the surface of the material.

Steps involved in performing the granite cleaning process

The process to clean granite can be easily performed by anyone at home. Following steps can be
followed in order to perform the granite cleaning process, however, it is also important to consider the
precautions mentioned above.

  1. Use a dedicated cleaner for cleaning granite surfaces or prepare a cleaning solution of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, which is effective in cleaning the material.
  2. Now rinse the granite material with the help of water so that dirt and other removable residues come off.
  3. Now apply the carpet cleaning solution on the surface of the material.
  4. Rub the surface of the material with the help of soft microfiber cloth in order to remove stains and spillage marks from the surface of the material.
  5. Continue the process to clean granite until all the stains and spillages start to disappear.
  6. Let the granite surface dry in the end.