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Carpet Cleaning Guide for Summer Stains

During summer, carpet cleaning becomes one of the most annoying activities. The foot traffic becomes doubled and the risk of having carpet stains increases significantly. You should also expect problems like wear and tear, permanent discoloration, and permeant damages. To protect your carpet, we offer the best possible ways to remove and prevent any kind of stains, especially the tough ones.

Summer season is the busiest; no matter what your business is. Keeping a clean carpet becomes a challenge. We know that flooring is the first thing that the customers notice. It leaves either a good impression or a bad one.
We offer our customers some tips in order to maintain their carpets clean all the time, especially during the summer. Get more info about how to properly remove muddy carpet footprints here.
Here are the most common stains occurring during summer.
1. Beverages:
Nothing is like a cup of ice tea to cool off a hot summer day. However, if your beverage spills on your carpet, it will create a terrible stain.
Here is what to do.
•Use a towel to blot the stain immediately.
•Use a spotting agent designed for the beverage.
• If the stain is tough, try to apply heat.

2. Foods:

During summer, cleaning the carpet from foods is a routine, especially ice cream.
Here is what to do.
• Blot the stain using an agent designed for it.
• If the stain is resistant, use a stronger agent. It is better to consult your carpet cleaning service before applying stronger chemicals to avoid discolorations.

3. Grass:
One of the components of grass is chlorophyll. It is the pigment giving grass and trees their green color.
Grass stains are very hard to remove because carpets soak the pigment inside.
Here is what to do.
• You need to address the stain as soon as possible.
• During summer, it is better to keep tough-to-remove pigments and dyes spotting agent.
• Blot the stain quickly using the spotting agent.
4. Mud:
Your customers and/or your visitors will probably carry mud when they enter your place.
Here is what to do.
• If you are going to deal with dry mud, vacuum the area and clean any kind of mud left.
• If the mud is wet, blot the area with towels to absorb the moisture and dirt. Apply a spotting agent and keep blotting until you remove all the mud.
•Place a mat to catch most of the dirt and mud before people enter.

5. Paint:
Some people and facilities like to get their places re-painted during summer.
Here is what to do.
• Place a plastic cover over the carpet to avoid any stains.
• If the stain happened, use non-flammable, water-based agents to clean the carpet.
• Use a spotter to encapsulate any residues.